Death quotes

Death quotes, many times it happens to us in life that we do not appreciate a person, but when he goes away from your life, that person misses you a lot. It is said that the person whom no one appreciates or does not agree with his thoughts, when he dies, everyone keeps thinking about him.All the people whom you love in your heart or from whom you cannot stay away, if suddenly they leave you and go to God, then those moments are the most painful. Here are some death quotes you will like.

death quotes
  • People are very good get into heart The only evil is that they die
  • There was a sun that arose from the house of stars Have you been surprised by the person’s life?
  • No matter how much sorrow Have patience and balance Time will not let you lose ..
  • Alone, should be made now Nevertheless, no person is truly alone;People who don’t live yet they are Within our thoughts and words,
  • Sad when i’m gone But the truth is also that the body is perishable
  • We should pray that The living soul is not among us today God grant him salvation ..
  • The story is over and over That people started crying
  • No one ever comes to live You don’t go like you go
  • All I can say in this incident. My thoughts will be in my future prayers
  • I feel so sad God rest his soul
death quotes
  • I’m so sorry for your loss But their love will always be in your memories
  • Spoiled with something that the situation changed One man deserted the whole city
  • We pray for you in your hard times God rest his soul
  • Life is eternal, and love is eternal And death is only a limit And a limit is nothing,Our vision is in the limit
  • My greatest hope is to see your smile and know that you are happy.
  • When we all lose such a special person in our life,Time seems to be pausing though,It is important that we start with a smile on your face,So that we can please his soul,As we can’t
  • While no words can really help you lose,Just know that you are very close in every thought and prayer.
  • We will pray for you and your family.There is something hidden behind what God does,
death quotes
  • I know that life is cruel sometimes, so that is why I am here to show that life can be good when someone cares!
  • Memory can tell us what we were,In company with the people we loved;It can’t help us know what each of us is,
  • When you were born, you cried while the whole world celebrated, live your life in such a way that the whole world cries over your death and you celebrate
  • Don’t know which poison you mixed in love …Neither life looks good nor death
  • The extent is that even death is far away,He is also waiting for my suicide
  • Where does death come from drinking poison,God’s willing is also needed for death too .…
  • Avoid love, sir It is heard that this is a slow death.
  • Who says if death comes, I will die I am a river and will go down to the sea.
  • What will be my death too One day I will die like this, by dying on you.
  • I was complaining not from death but from my own What happened I just close my eyes a little while it started digging the grave.
death quotes
  • If tears can make ladders,And one lane memories,I will go to heaven And bring you back home
  • Do not know how my death will be But it is certain that it will be better than your infidelity.
  • What a dead man has said,Those who are crying over my death, if I get up now, I will not let them live.
  • Why should I worry where I will find a place after death Where there will be a gathering of friends, my soul will be found there
  • Pain echoed like a clarinet in the heart This is not the engagement of death with body.
  • Not the fear of death but a blessing from God That whenever you feel dead, die with me.
  • Life is an accident and what kind of accident,Even with death, that does not happen.
  • The world dies by death,The lover dies of love only.
  • Tired of my life too people reply Now my death should not become a question of people.
death quotes
  • Heard that death does not extend for a single moment,Forgive me if I die suddenly.
  • Life goes through all the trouble Death does not stop, no matter what the tricks are.
  • Calling death is a crime in the past,If you are fond of dying, why don’t you love?
  • Whatever you are giving us this punishment for suffering,For us this punishment is worse than death.
  • If my heart stops, do not think of death,Many times happened this remembering her.
  • There are hordes of dead bodies all around,Life is a bigger accident than death
  • She cried so much to wake me up on my death ..Why would I die if she would cry a little to get me.
  • I praise the person who made this love,Even death happens and the murderer is not caught.
  • Goodness lives on,Evil chooses its own death.
  • Don’t know why this love causes so much pain, man also asks for death in prayers by Laughing.
  • It is better if death comes from a burning life Now we do not mourn the desires of the heart.
  • What a person has said that well,My life is not so sweet that I fear death.
  • There is some dream in these open eyes,Don’t know when the waking nights will be dawn.
  • Life was desperate to get into your aspect,Embarrassed in ignorance, death embraced.
  • Tell me to hate medicine,Otherwise, my love will be the reason for my death.
death quotes
  • The best way to avoid death,Learn to be alive in the hearts of others.
  • If it is a crime to touch him, then arrange for my punishment-a-death
  • My heart is insistent that he has to be attached to his chest today
  • Everything has to be left here, The eternal truth is the coming of death.
  • The cowardly person dies many times before his death and the knight tastes death only once.
  • Why be afraid of death? This is the highest adventure of life.
  • A death, just come to the poor’s house,The cost of ‘shroud’ is spent on medicines.
  • Those who claim death as abuser,May God mix them with the beat of life.
  • Life is not in its possession, death in its own possession,Man is forced and how much forced.
  • He was stubborn to death, so he did,Otherwise the fight was so tough given by a soldier of my country.
  • The hand reader has put me in trouble …After seeing the lines, he said, you will not die, but will die in someone’s memory.
  • I still believe that you will come back one day Even if it is the day of my death.
  • Neither death comes nor medicine Do not know what poison he had mixed in love.
  • Thankfully everyone comes to death, Otherwise the rich would also make fun of this, Died that they were poor.
  • Life is a question whose answer is death Death is also a question that has no answer.
  • Now tell death to end the anger, she is changed for which I was alive.
  • Life is an accident and what kind of accident End of death
  • Waiting for death I was not waiting for you
death quotes
  • At least i don’t expect death Life You have cheated me.
  • Is my world expensive or cheap Don’t get free if you get death
  • How far should people do with old men Even old men who do not die, what to do
  • Death may also be treated No cure for life
  • Not sure you should die Death is the only way to live
  • Good life is not easy Life is not good even death
  • How can such a heartless world die Who says everything will be destroyed
  • Our life was mainly a story Good to death, who has created a lot of trouble
  • The person who is afraid of death lives his whole life in fear and the person who is not afraid of death lives the whole life in joy. Death is the eternal truth, which has to come one day. Smile the life between birth and death –
death quotes
  • The one whom the God loves the most, dies early.
  • A worm and a king have the same desire to live and both have the same fear of death.
  • Being afraid of death is the work of cowards, because real life is death.
  • Death walks and wakes up simultaneously, and returns along the long walk.
  • Death is terrible because we didn’t even try to get close to it

So here are some death quotes, about your death experience. You could share this with your friends and loving ones.

Death is an indivisible piece of life. In the event that we are to live genuinely and unafraid, we need to likewise acknowledge that demise is at last unavoidable. Death ought not make us live in dread, but instead to live our lives in the absolute best manner that we can. It is essential to not “cover our head in the sand” and rather, to make dependable arrangements including money related and legitimate game plans, just as discussing our desires with our loved ones. By understanding the customs and ceremonies that go with a passing in our way of life, religion or profound gathering, we can more readily get ready for the withering and lamenting procedure.