100+ (Scary) Ego Quotes You Need to Know

If you’re feeling down, angry, or just plain miserable today, maybe you could use a nice ego quote.

Egos are like teabags, they don’t show their strength until hot water is applied when it comes to success quotes, go ahead and read on and you will find amazing words of wisdom.

The ego is the source of sorrow. The ego is like a fortress that separates us from others. From joy, love, peace, grace, giving, and receiving! It prevents us from being vulnerable and hurts relationships.


Ego Quotes

People with high ego often have depression, anger issues, or anxiety problems that can create many problems.

Do you need to lose some humility? If so, we’ve got some helpful quotes to help put things into perspective. If you have a quote that fits the theme of ego and humility leave it in the comments!

  • Not everything is about you,” Clary said furiously.
  • Don’t sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much there’s nothing else you can give and nobody will care for you.
  • I’m tired of the egos, I’m tired of the bullshit, I’m tired of being ignored and forgotten by ‘Friends!
  • Ego is the only requirement to destroy any relationship…so be the bigger person skip the ‘E’ and let it ‘GO’.
  • Wash your ego. Before it makes a stain on your life.
Ego Quotes
Ego Quotes
  • Too much ego will kill your talent.
  • Don’t talk about yourself; it will be done when you leave.
  • If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that… I believe in what I do, and I’ll say it.

You proceed from a false assumption: I have no ego to bruise.

  • Never let your ego get so close to your position that when your position goes, your ego goes with it.
  • If a man thinks he is not conceited, he is very conceited indeed.
  • I am sufficiently proud of my knowing something to be modest about my not knowing all.
  • One part of me suspects that I’m a loser, and the other part of me thinks I’m God Almighty.
  • The ego is the false self-born out of fear and defensiveness.
  • Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.
Ego Quotes
Ego Quotes
  • The ego hurts you like this: you become obsessed with the one person who does not love you. blind to the rest who do.
  • I have never seen a greater monster or miracle than myself.
  • The Ego is a veil between humans and God’.”
  • “But us women, well, we like our egos stroked every once in a while and a boy mourning over us is a huge boost”
  • Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.

Attitude and Ego Quotes

Attitude and ego quotes are awe-inspiring and motivating. It is something that can lift people up when they are down.

  • Ego trip: a journey to nowhere.
  • Apologizing does not always mean that you’re wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.
  • In prayer all are equal.
  • Stupidity combined with arrogance and a huge ego will get you a long way.
  • Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose.
Attitude and Ego Quotes
Attitude and Ego Quotes
  • Make your ego porous. Will is of little importance, complaining is nothing, fame is nothing. Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything.
  • If your ego starts out, ‘I am important, I am big, I am special,’ you’re in for some disappointments when you look around at what we’ve discovered about the universe. No, you’re not big. No, you’re not. You’re small in time and in space. And you have this frail vessel called the human body that’s limited on Earth.

I would prefer not to.

  • There are two circumstances that lead to arrogance: one is when you’re wrong and you can’t face it; the other is when you’re right and nobody else can face it.
  • People confuse ego, lust, insecurity with true love.
  • Your ego can become an obstacle to your work. If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity.
  • Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.
  • In this story I am the poet You’re the poetry.
  • The nice thing about egotists is that they don’t talk about other people.
Attitude and Ego Quotes
Attitude and Ego Quotes
  • Chaos is what we’ve lost touch with. This is why it is given a bad name. It is feared by the dominant archetype of our world, which is Ego, which clenches because its existence is defined in terms of control.
  • The ego relies on the familiar. It is reluctant to experience the unknown, which is they very essence of life.
  • Leadership is not a popularity contest; it’s about leaving your ego at the door. The name of the game is to lead without a title.
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  • Egotism: The art of seeing in yourself what others cannot see.
  • Checking your ego, abandoning it, letting it go, is a huge part of recovery from addiction.

Pride and Ego Quotes

Welcome to Pride and Ego Quotes. Here you will discover the very best quotes from renowned pride and ego quotes.

  • If the egotist is weak, his egotism is worthless. If the egotist is strong, acute, full of distinctive character, his egotism is precious, and remains a possession of the race.
  • Ego trip: a journey to nowhere.
  • Egotism is the anesthetic which nature gives us to deaden the pain of being a fool.
  • If you get your ego in your way, you will only look to other people and circumstances to blame.
  • Our ego is our silent partner-too often with a controlling interest.
  • Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called ‘Ego’.
Pride and Ego Quotes
Pride and Ego Quotes
  • We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as for certain and which has as its highest goal one’s own ego and one’s own desires.
  • Left-wingers are incapable of conspiring because they’re all egomaniacs.
  • Leave your ego at the door every morning, and just do some truly great work. Few things will make you feel better than a job brilliantly done.

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  • Egotism is usually subversive of sagacity.
  • To men and women who want to do things, there is nothing quite so driving as the force of an imprisoned ego…. All genius comes from this class.
  • Knowledge that puffs up the possessor’s mind is ever more of a pernicious kind.
  • No one has learned the meaning of life until he has surrendered his ego to the service of his fellow men.
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  • “The ego is the false self-born out of fear and defensiveness.”
Pride and Ego Quotes
Pride and Ego Quotes
  • The bigger a man’s head gets, the easier it is to fill his shoes.
  • Check your ego at the door. The ego can be the great success inhibitor. It can kill opportunities, and it can kill success.
  • Ego is probably one of the biggest poisons we can have – it’s toxic to any environment.
  • Don’t let your ego get too close to your position, so that if your position gets shot down, your ego doesn’t go with it.
  • The egoist does not tolerate egoism.
  • “I don’t know about your true form, but the weight of your ego sure is pushing the crust of the earth toward the breaking point.”

Ego Quotes about Life

Here you can find a collection of inspirational quotes about life and mental disorders such as depression. I have compiled these quotes from various sources and made sure that all the credit goes to the original authors.

  • You can either be a host to God, or a hostage to your ego. It’s your call.
  • I like the moment when I break a man’s ego.
  • “If someone corrects you, and you feel offended, then you have an ego problem.”
  • “The weak are dominated by their ego, the wise dominate their ego, and the intelligent are in a constant struggle against their ego.”
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  • “You have no choice. You must leave your ego on the doorstep before you enter love.”
  • The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something.
Ego Quotes about Life
Ego Quotes about Life
  • “The first product of self-knowledge is humility,” Flannery O’Connor once said. This is how we fight the ego, by really knowing ourselves.”
  • “Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.”
  • The problem with introspection is that it has no end.
  • “Being efficient is the easy part. Suppressing one’s ego completely for hours at a time is really hard.”
  • “Being a control freak is a weakness, not a strength. If you can’t allow others to shine, you’re exhibiting signs of narcissism and showing a lack of self-confidence. It is isolation through ego.”

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  • “The more you can have control over your ego rather than let it run amuck, the more successful you’ll be in all areas of life.”
  • “The minute you start compromising for the sake of massaging somebody’s ego, that’s it, game over.”
  • You’re not looking for perfection in your partner. Perfection is all about the ego. With soulmate love, you know that true love is what happens when disappointment sets in – and you’re willing to deal maturely with these disappointments.
  • “Food for the ego is poison for the soul.”
Ego Quotes about Life
Ego Quotes about Life
  • “Part of me suspects that I’m a loser, and the other part of me thinks I’m God Almighty.”
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  • Teach self-denial and make its practice pleasure, and you can create for the world a destiny more sublime that ever issued from the brain of the wildest dreamer.
  • One may understand the cosmos, but never the ego; the self is more distant than any star.
  • Our own self-love draws a thick veil between us and our faults.
  • When any man is more stupidly vain and outrageously egotistic than his fellows, he will hide his hideousness in humanitarianism.

Ego Quotes in Relationship

Ego quotes are wise words that offer us a glimpse into the mind of a world leader, an athlete, or just somebody with a lot of people following their every word.

  • “The ego relies on the familiar. It is reluctant to experience the unknown, which is the very essence of life.”
  • Never try to dominate the one who says sorry to you for their mistake because, they understand, you are more important than their ego.
  • There are two kinds of egotists: Those who admit it, and the rest of us.
  • “Bullying happens because weak people need to prop up their ego by beating up or humiliating others.”
  • Ego must go. How high you go, stay low.
Ego Quotes in Relationship
Ego Quotes in Relationship
  • Happiness blooms in the presence of self-respect, and the absence of ego.
  • “How to get rid of ego as a dictator and turn it into messenger and servant and scout, to be in your service, is the trick.”
  • “A man’s spirit is his self. That entity which is his consciousness. To think, to feel, to judge, to act are functions of the ego.”
  • “A conscious human is driven by their conscience, not popular opinion.”
  • Never try to dominate the one who says sorry to you for their mistake because, they understand, you are more important than their ego.

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  • If someone corrects you, and you feel offended, then you have an EGO problem.
  • When I had nothing to lose, I had everything. When I stopped being who I am, I found myself.
  • They call it pride. I call it class, because lions never mix with cats.
  • The moment you become arrogant, raise your voice and head. Understand that there will come someone who will cut off your head and shut you down forever.
  • Don’t lose hope, just lose your ego with work and patience.
Ego Quotes in Relationship
Ego Quotes in Relationship
  • When someone sings his own praises, he always gets the tune too high.
  • Wash out your ego every once in a while, as cleanliness is next to godliness not just in body but in humility as well.
  • Nobody sees anybody truly but all through the flaws of their own egos. That is the way we all see …each other in life. Vanity, fear, desire, competition– all such distortions within our own egos– condition our vision of those in relation to us. Add to those distortions to our own egos the corresponding distortions in the egos of others, and you see how cloudy the glass must become through which we look at each other. That’s how it is in all living relationships except when there is that rare case of two people who love intensely enough to burn through all those layers of opacity and see each other’s naked hearts.

Final Words

Why do people create them? Because they believe that they can produce insightful insights about life themselves, even if the result is not always profound.

Ego quotes and pictures is a platform created to help you rate your ego, congratulate those awesome people around you. Quotes are also used for reading purposes and as time passes by each quote has been rated by thousands of people so that you can use it as a book of knowledge.


What are some ego quotes?

Ego quotes are short snippets that can be used on social platforms to boost someone’s confidence.
1. Ego is the root of all problems… you can’t live with it and you can’t live without it.
2. So much to do, so little time.
3. Moments to treasure. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. I’m in love with the idea that home, is wherever I am with you.

What is the saying about ego?

The way you think, the way you act, the tasks you do—all of it comes back to yourself. Ego is not about your individual accomplishments. It’s about how much you get done with passion and energy because of your ego.

1. Bigger is better, but not when it comes to ego.
2. My ego needs a bigger hockey stick.
3. Our king-sized mattresses are big enough to keep you in your place.
4. Don’t underestimate yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to… even fit a pair of jeans.

How ego can ruin your life quotes?

Ego is a terrible thing, but it’s worse when it’s one of two people in a relationship that thinks they’re the wrong person.

1. “Your ego is a very fragile thing. People can break you with a single word.” ― Chuck Palahniuk
2. Ego is what makes me unfit for society. When I have to throw on a suit to meet someone, that’s when you know there’s a problem.
3. It’s not easy to think outside of your ego, but it is easy to do. Ego tells you that anger will solve your problems, but peace and love solve all problems.
4. Ego blocks your ability to listen, to hear what you need to hear. When you listen, life listens.

Can ego ruin a relationship?

Ego kills relationships. The more you have, the faster they die.
Ego in relationships, especially in an intimate relationship is either under-valued or over-valued. This often leads to disappointment, heartache, and breakups, etc.