Fun Quotes on Life

Fun quotes on life, Searching for quotes on life?

Here are some funny quotes which will gives you fun and entertain you too. We’ve aggregated the biggest rundown of amusing statements to make you roar with laughter. Also, giggling really is the best prescription for your spirit.

In addition to the fact that laughter reduces pressure, it brings down your circulatory strain, gives you a magnificent stomach muscle exercise, and discharges diamorphine. Read this Funny quotes on life.


Our assortment of entertaining statements, Fun quotes on life which are short, simple to recollect yet at the same time amusing. Rehash or duplicate these statements out to your companions to make them laugh!

Here are some Quotes which will definitely make you laugh:

  • Learn to wipe your tears yourself . Loan handkerchiefs may contain germs

  • Many congratulations to those men too, Those who have created Facebook ID in the name of women wish them a happy married life.

  • today’s knowledge When the pot of sin is full The pot should be removed and the drum installed.Bcz u know it is Not to be corrected.

  • Even today in our country “tu pyaar hai kisi aur ka tujhe chah ta kisi aur hai” 8 out of 10 boys get emotional by listening to the song.
  • I did not understand one thing Those who fight for the rights of the poor. How do they become rich while fighting.

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Ghazal written on paper The goat chewed, Discussions were held throughout the village, That the goat ate the lion(ser).

  • Khichri is one such dish. Which cooks less at home and It cooks more in the brain.
  • Eno Work starts in just 6 seconds, Ego Spoil the job in just 6 seconds.
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  • Be happy guys Who knows you get married?

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  • India makes two biscuits Companies famous 1. Mari Gold and 2. Parle Ji One does not go to a cup When the second one goes to a cup but Does not come back.
  • I get Fear When the housemates suddenly asked, Wait, I want to talk to you.
  • Work like that…People say-You will… let me do it
  • Till life Keep changing your DP daily or else…Later you will be hanging in the same photo.
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  • If speaking two sweet words increase someone blood then that too is a way of blood donation.
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 When time start dancing you ..Then all the relatives become choreographers.

  • If the ghee does not come out of the finger, Heat the ghee. Because in everything, Fingering is not a good thing.
  • If a black cat cross your ways that means the cat is going somewhere.

Always remember one thing ..May or may not get anything in the world Two things should be taken right Extra sauce with a samosa Second water crust after eating panipuri.


Go find More than like us Love friend, Be happy if you get If not found Dying of drowning.

  • These days Digital haters, On seeing us online Go offline. Those who drink nectar He is called Dev. And those who drink poison He is called Mahadev. But even after drinking poison Make a mouth like nectar He is called Patidev.
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  • Most of the Indians live in the wrong fame that their wife is very decent but they do not know that she was ever someone’s “Girl Friend”.
  • “What to make vegetable” This problem of wives National problem has been declared.
  • India is a country where people are at the forefront of imparting knowledge to others.
  • Today’s Knowledge – A way to live a happy life “obey as the wife says”.
  • Trust me, you can dance… in just four pags…
  • How nice it is to think that I wish millions of rupees would be available… I swear, my heart becomes happy for two minutes.
  • Students who used to get 35% marks in politics with great difficulty, today they give knowledge to the leaders of the country on Facebook.
  • We have become so smart, we do not want to waste time, so we use the time on Facebook and WhatsApp properly.
  • – Girls of the 20th century – If you meet, we will leave the world… Girls of the 21st century – If you meet, we will leave the old…
  • All things are found in the world, but never find our fault.
  • Half the world’s love stories are stuck on the girls’ “Pending Friend Request” on Facebook.
  • The youth of our country turn the road When someone comes and says that Police are challaning ahead ..
  • Don’t panic if something goes wrong in life Because when the milk is broken, those people are afraid who don’t know to cook cheese.

We generally love fun and toss some interesting discoursed to satisfy others. So here we exhibiting parody and entertaining Quotes, contemplations and status for Whatsapp, FB and even you can recollect this amusing statements to make somebody chuckle.

Hope you enjoy these quotes, you could simply share these with your friends and make them laugh.

	Fun quotes on life

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