Looking for Funny wifi names, cool here in this post you will get a great collection of funny wifi names.

We are always try to make our wifi name something funny so that people become laugh at them.

We feel enjoy looking after such kind of funny names. And we love to give our friends enjoyment.


If you are one of those to make people fun and interesting then this is the perfect place for you.

Here are several categories of wifi names just pick your best one from the below.

  1. The LAN down under
  2. This is Not Free Either
  3. Titanic Syncing
  4. To Be or not to Be
  5. You Pay Now
  6. You will be hacked
  7. Your Brain On Drugs
  8. Very slow internet, huh!
  9. Virus Detected! Do Not Join
  10. Top secret network
  11. This LAN Is My LAN
  12. Work Hard Play Hard
  13. Work Only
  14. Virus Infected WiFi
  15. Virus WiFi
  16. You Click, I Pay
  17. You Fart Pretty Loud
  1. Limit Exceede
  2. Android Bluetooth
  3. Choose a Network
  4. This Space Left Intentionally Blank
  5. The LAN of the Free
  6. Router Failure
  7. Use at your own risk
  8. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  9. Organic WiFi Router
  10. Signal not found
  11. Lazy Internet!
  12. Router Malfunction
  13. Con_nect 2 Die
  14. Access Denied!
  15. Airplane Mode Active
  16. IP Connection Refused
  17. You Lost Your Connection

I hope you enjoyed these great collection of funny wifi names 2021. Here are some more for you read below.


Funny Wifi Names

Now read this collection of funny wifi names, these are just awesome. pick one and make people more joyful.

  1. All Your Bandwidth Belongs To Us
  2. Please Connect for Identity Theft
  3. You Shall Not Pass!
  4. Connect with God?
  5. Help! I’m trapped!
  6. No It’s Not Free
  7. Enter The Dragon’s Network
  8. Password Is Password
  9. Look Ma, No Wires!
  10. Get Lost Connection
  11. Not Free, Keep Looking
  12. Wi-Fi Not Connected
  13. Bro Get Your Own Net
  14. 99 Problems but WiFi Aint One
  15. My Wi-Fi Is Loyal
  16. I’m Cheating On My Wi-Fi
  17. Access Denied
  18. Unsecured Network
  19. My Neighbors Suck
  20. DEA Surveillance Network
  21. Net Secure by NSA
  22. Bill Clinternet
  23. Clinternet Eastwood
  24. C:\Virus.exe
  25. Optimus Prime Network
  26. The LAN Before Time
  1. WhamBam Thank You LAN
  2. Malware Directory
  3. I’m watching you now
  4. Network Not Found
  5. Get off my LAN
  6. LAN of Milk and Honey
  7. Troy and Abed in the Modem
  8. Wi-Fight The Inevitable
  9. Drop It Like It’s a Hotspot
  10. 404 Network Not Available
  11. No Wi-Fi Network in Area
  12. Occam’s Router
  13. Searching…
  14. Connect to Unsecured Wi-Fi Network?
  15. Don’t even think about connecting
  16. Top Secret Network
  17. Metro Train Network
  18. Get Your Own Wi-Fi Loser
  19. This Is My Internet Damn It
  20. No Thing As Free Wi-Fi
  21. Lousy Network Connection
  22. Not Free So Use 3G
  23. WaahFive
  24. Tell My WiFi Love Her
  25. Begin Loading Virus?
  26. Free Wi-Fi Does Not Exist

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Cool Wifi Names

Oh, hi there now in this section you will get some cool wifi names that are really amazing. Just read these.

  1. Keep it on the Download
  2. Wu Tang LAN
  3. Trust in God but Protect Your WiFi
  4. The Password is…
  5. Open Sesame
  6. No More Mister Wi-Fi
  7. Silence of the LANs
  8. No Mo No Mo No Mo No Mo
  9. Since 1997
  10. AA Meeting
  11. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?
  12. Final Fantasy Finally Finishes
  13. Pokemon Slo
  14. Blind Sight
  15. Sweet Victory
  16. Life on the Line
  17. Cut the Wire
  18. Saved a Bunch of Money by Switching to GEICO
  19. Modem Pole
  20. Chicken Crossed the Road to Steal Our Wifi
  21. Wi-Fry Chicken
  22. Lifeblood
  23. Living on the Wire
  24. Wi-Fi, do you love me?
  25. Click to Call Me
  26. Prohibited Network Connection
  27. Connect If You Are Ugly
  28. Free Internet For Losers
  29. Cool Password Bro
  30. Wi-Fi Costs Money
  31. Stop Using My WiFi
  32. I’m not giving it.
  1. Keep it on the download
  2. Wifi Fever
  3. Now you see me…
  4. Simon Sez No Wi-Fi
  5. Thanks Obama
  6. My Wi Fights
  7. Need Milk
  8. Weak Connection
  9. Stop Your Damn Music
  10. Everyday I’m buffering
  11. Girls Gone Wireless
  12. Lag Out Loud
  13. Hit the Road Jack Input
  14. And Don’t You Come Back
  15. Come On And Slam and Welcome to my LAN
  16. Join My Bandwidth
  17. We’ve Got the Goods
  18. Guess Where We Live
  19. Is it me you’re looking for?
  20. 12C is the Loneliest Number
  21. Safe Levels of Radiation
  22. Wifi Art Thou Romeo
  23. Russian Hackers
  24. Click to Connect With God
  25. Password Challenge Champion
  26. Titanic Syncing
  27. Connection Error
  28. It Hurts When IP
  29. Wi-Fi Is In The Air
  30. You are the password
  31. Network of Hackers
  32. Oops! Try Again Late

Clever Wifi Names

These wifi names are used when you are try to show your cleverness towards people through your wifi.

Show more productive towards people and make yourself more interesting.

  1. JackPott
  2. Printer Only
  3. Daily Bread
  4. Happy Wifi Happy Lifi
  5. Very Slow
  6. Reserved for Guests I Hate
  7. No Connections Available
  8. Connection Failed
  9. Loading…
  10. Please Wait…
  11. You Will Regret This
  12. URL of Sandwich
  13. My Name is URL

  1. Huge Tracts of LAN
  2. A long time ago…
  3. Luke, I Am Your Wi-Fi
  4. The Black Links
  5. The LAN down under
  6. Spread the Wealth
  7. Pretty Fly for a WiFi
  8. I’m too sexy for WiFi
  9. Enter the Dragon’s Wifi
  10. You Click, I Pay
  11. The Force
  12. Duke of URL

Awesome Wifi Names

Ok, now have some awesome wifi names. You can’t miss this collection dude.

  1. Try Me
  2. Full bars
  3. Hide you wifi
  4. Cup of sugar
  5. Close your bathroom curtains
  6. VirusRUs
  7. Missed Connections
  8. You’re WiFired!
  9. For Sale Inquire Within
  10. Work Only
  11. Do Re Mi Fa So La Wi Fi
  12. Thanks Obama
  13. Simon Says No Wifi
  14. Modem Family
  15. Penny get your own wifi
  16. Battle of the Bandwidth
  17. Work Hard Play Hard
  18. Connect Automatically
  19. Chance the Router
  20. Bill Wi, the Science Fi
  1. Formerly Known as Prints
  2. Art Vandelay
  3. H.E. Pennypacker
  4. Wi-Fi Is In The Air
  5. You are the password
  6. Network of Hackers
  7. Oops! Try Again Later
  8. Prohibited Network Connection
  9. Connect If You Are Ugly
  10. Free Internet For Losers
  11. Stop Using My WiFi
  12. BatLAN and Robin
  13. Click for Dialup Internet
  14. NSA Surveillance Hotspot
  15. Click Here to Download Virus
  16. Cool Password Bro
  17. Wi-Fi Costs Money
  18. Click to Call Me
  19. Abraham Linksys
  20. John Wilkes Bluetooth

Funniest Wifi Names

Oh..Yeah don’t miss this funniest wifi names to become more interesting personality.

  1. he Dark Knet
  2. Bad Error: 313 Disconnect?
  3. Let Them Use It
  4. I’m Married to My WiFi
  5. You? Again?
  6. Covet Not Thy Neighbor’s WiFi
  7. Free for Today Only
  8. 2 Girls, 1 Router
  9. Wu Tang LAN
  10. Trust in God but Protect Your WiFi
  11. The Password is…
  12. Open Sesame
  13. Everyday I’m buffering
  14. Lag Out Loud
  15. Blind Sight
  16. Wifi Fever
  17. Now you see me…
  18. No Mo No Mo No Mo No Mo
  1. Sweet Victory
  2. Connect And Die
  3. Hit the Road Jack Input
  4. Life on the Line
  5. Cut the Wire
  6. Join My Bandwidth
  7. Connected, Secured
  8. Wifi Art Thou Romeo
  9. Russian Hackers
  10. We’ve Got the Goods
  11. Wi-Fi, do you love me?
  12. Since 1997
  13. Click Here For Viruses
  14. Click Here for Wi-Fi
  15. Click Here to Download
  16. AA Meeting
  17. And Don’t You Come Back
  18. No more Wifi

Movie Wifi Names

I know we one love movies so here we collect a great collection of some movie wifi names, you could also use these names for your wifi.

  1. Zombieland – Double Tap
  2. Life finds a WiFi *Jurassic Park
  3. Mars Attacks
  4. Bigfoot Hotspot
  5. Brain Damage
  6. Jurassic Park Public WiFi
  7. The Dead Zone
  8. Probably Wifi
  9. Jurassic Park Guest WiFi
  10. Midnight Ghost
  11. Infinite probability drive
  12. American Beauty
  13. The Ghost WiFi
  14. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  1. I’m your Nightmare
  2. Blue is glue, red is dead
  3. Blood Sucking Freaks
  4. E.T. phone home
  5. Darknet
  6. Toxic network
  7. Elementary, my dear Watson
  8. Nightmare Sisters
  9. Chamber of Horrors
  10. Where the Monsters Live
  11. Panic Button
  12. Illuminati headquarter
  13. Basic WiFi Instinct

Final words

When it comes to choose any names we research a lot. Cause we just try to make that name super amazing and interesting.

So choosing a wifi name is always seems to select a good one, that is more interesting and awesome, something funny.

And I hope you got your best and the most funniest name, now cheers.

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