Quotes on Good Bye

Quotes on good bye are one of the hardest words to explain because when it comes to true feelings, you never know how hard it hurts unless you have tried it yourself. Best wishes with best quotes on good bye.

Sometimes you need the most necessary words to say the least. Here’s a collection of quotes on saying good bye in different ways.

Here we are giving the best goodbye pictures so that you can send them to your loved ones.


Quotes on Goodbye to Friend

This article is about Quotes on Goodbye to Friend. We collected some interesting quotes on good bye forever, please read these quotes from us.

Although a person may forget what you said, he or she will never forget how you made them feel. Quotes on good bye.

  • May this farewell be the start of a new life for you. Goodbye, my friend!
  • Let us promise each other to never get the distance between us. Farewell, buddy!
  • Not only were you a friend but a brother as well. I will miss you. Farewell dear!
  • No matter how far we are from each other, we will always stay the best of friends! Best wishes for your life ahead, my friend!
  • Goodbyes cannot tear us apart because we’re connected in heart. I’ll miss you!
Quotes on Good Bye
Quotes on Good Bye
  • You have been a blessing in my life and nothing will be the same without you anymore, dear friend! Goodbye and best wishes for you!
  • I will always cherish all those moments we spent together, all those laughter we shared, all those stories we told. Farewell, my friend!
  • You have not just been a friend to me, you have been a family, a home, a shoulder to cry on. I’ll miss you! Goodbye and good luck!

Adios, friend! We may not meet every day, but you will always be in my thoughts!

  • Someday we shall meet again. Until then, farewell. Stay in touch.
  • I will force myself to say the word goodbye, but my heart will never mean it. Goodbye.
  • I never thought saying goodbye would hurt this much. Be safe wherever you go. Goodbye dear friend!

Quotes on Good Bye

If you need good bye quotes for your loving friend, here are many good bye quotes and sayings from around the world.

  • Farewell, my friend! Life without you will never be the same again.
  • Goodbye and good luck, my dear friend. Shine bright wherever you go.
  • No matter how far away you go, your memories will always stay close to my heart. Take care.
  • Be the one who makes everyone proud. Grab the success that comes down to your path. My thoughts will always be with you. Best wishes to you!
  • It’s time for you to chase your dream down no matter wherever it takes you. My prayer will always be with you, no matter how far we are. Good luck!
  • The thought of saying goodbye to you makes my heart weep. You will be missed, buddy.
Quotes on Goodbye to Friend
Quotes on Goodbye to Friend
  • Life will go on with or without you here. But the good times together will be missed dearly. I wish you all the best for the new life abroad. Farewell, my friend!
  • Years may pass until we see each other again, but I will always cherish each of our shared moments.
  • If you ever feel alone amidst the new land and people, remember that I’m always by your side.
  • We have been good friends for quite a long time now. It will difficult for me to spend my days here without you. Have a safe journey dear friend!

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  • You are among the few lucky ones to get a chance of trying your luck abroad. Don’t miss the opportunity it brings to you. Stay well and remember me always!
  • Search in every city, but you won’t get another friend like me. So go and miss me.
  • Waiting to see you again, but of course, with presents for me in your hand.
  • Goodbye, my dear. I will be reminiscing our days together until such days come again.

Quotes on Good Bye for Girlfriend

There comes a time in everyone’s life when good-byes must be said.


No one is guaranteed tomorrow, so it is essential for you to tell those people you hold close how much they mean to you.

We made a selection of quotes on goodbye for our readers.

  • Even if we’re not together anymore, I wish you happiness in your life ahead. Goodbye!
  • This is my last message to you. To the woman I had given my heart, it still beats for you!
  • We might not be in each other’s lives anymore, but I’ll forever cherish our sweet moments. You had made me happy like nobody else, and I’ll miss you!
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  • The most painful thing in this world is to say goodbye to the one that means the world to you. I never thought I would ever have to go through this pain.
  • I couldn’t find words to make you understand how much pain I’m feeling right now. You were everything to me and now I have nothing!
  • We have reached the end of our journey, but I will never forget you. Farewell, dear one.
Sad Goodbye Quotes
Sad Goodbye Quotes
  • You may have a thousand reasons to blame it on me, but deep inside, You and I both know how madly we still want to be together!
  • Sometimes, God takes away the one thing that you need most in life. But I guess I’m already used to it by now. Goodbye, my love!
  • Goodbye just doesn’t mark the end of a chapter but also paves the way for a new beginning. My heart will always remember you!

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  • My heart is full of sadness, but I won’t let it cry. Because I know every ending carries a promise for yet another beginning. Goodbye my love!
  • Farewell to you. I’d never regret falling in love with you and will always cherish you.
  • We part our ways here, but I will forever miss the way you would fit perfectly into my arms! Goodbye, dear, you will always be alive in my heart!
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Quotes on Good Bye for Boyfriend

These Quotes on Good Bye can be shared with your loved ones who are leaving or going on their journey.

  • No matter where you go, no matter where you are – always remember that there is this girl who is waiting for you to come back and take her into your arms. Goodbye.
  • Your memories will keep me alive, and it is tough for me to say goodbye. Take care.
  • Someday you’ll realize the pain of distance, someday you’ll realize the worth of togetherness. Hope you do well in whatever path you choose ahead, that’s my blessing!! Goodbye.
  • Don’t feel sorry for me as you leave. My life will be just the same – dreaming about the day we can be together forever. I love you, goodbye.
  • It’s not easy for me to say goodbye. But I’ll always be there for you whenever you need me.
  • I’ll forever keep you in the core of my heart. I hope the best for your future.
Sad Goodbye Quotes
Sad Goodbye Quotes
  • My words cannot express the pain inside me to say goodbye. I’ll forever cherish the memories of us.
  • Never thought I’d have to face such a situation. It hurts, but there’s no other way. Goodbye!
  • I love you, but circumstances don’t let me be with you. I hope the best for you. Goodbye for now.

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  • Being with you felt like a fairytale. I will forever cherish you, no matter how far you go.
  • It’s not easy for me not to see your smiling face. Hope to see you soon at any time. Goodbye!
  • This goodbye is not a sign of me departing from your life forever, instead, it’s a silent message of saying that you’ll be dearly missed and hope to see you soon again. Goodbye!

Breakup Messages

Collect and Share the best of Good bye quotes, messages, wishes and messages for good bye from all around the world.

  • I don’t feel betrayed at all. I take it as a lesson learned. And the lesson is, never trust a liar. I wish no one does the same to you as you did to me!
  • All that always mattered to you was your happiness. You never tried to know how I feel inside. It can’t go on like this forever. Goodbye!
  • I would never fall in love with you if I knew from the start that you’d hurt me this much. But I don’t blame you. I was blind for the whole time!
  • You can have a thousand girls in your life, but you will never find the true love I gave you! It’s not a curse. In fact, I pray the best for you!
  • It’s hard to say goodbye to someone who has such a special place in the heart. But we are at the point of life, where there’s no going back!
  • I can’t stop my tears right now. I had never thought of this moment in my life. I wish I was dead before saying goodbye to you!
  • My heart is shattered. My eyes weep as I say goodbye to you. May you have all the happiness in life that couldn’t give you!
Goodbye Quotes for Lover
Goodbye Quotes for Lover
  • It is better to be alone than staying in a toxic relationship like this. You have murdered all my feelings for you. Goodbye!
  • I never thought of falling in love with you for saying goodbye someday. But as it happens, you did not give me an option. So goodbye and good luck!
  • I hope you can forgive me for all the wrongs I have done to you! I too have no complaints against you! It’s just that our love didn’t work out!
  • The way you keep on doing things that hurt me, shows how little I mean to you. Let us break up and not get involved with each other for the sake of our sanity. Goodbye!

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  • I never thought of a tomorrow without you. But sometimes life has other plans for us. I don’t blame you but I blame my fate!
  • Time may heal my broken heart. But it can never erase your memories from my head. Our paths are divided but my love for you will remain the same!

Good Bye Messages for Leaving Company

Sometimes, we have to leave things behind. Whether it’s a friend or a job — life is full of ups and downs.

And sometimes we just need a few quotes on goodbye to colleagues to get us through the hard times.

  • Thanks to all for being so nice to me all these years. Goodbye and best wishes to all.
  • It’s tough to leave this place and all these fantastic people. Thanks all. Goodbye!
  • Thanks for being so friendly and supportive to me. I’m going to miss everyone. Goodbye!
  • Thank you for everything that you did all the past years. I’ll forever be grateful to you, sir.
  • I am both incredibly sad and happy at this moment. Thank you to all my seniors and boss.
Quotes on Goodbyes
Quotes on Goodbyes
  • I’m grateful to work with this company and all these talented people. You all will be missed.
  • I’m leaving with a heart full of sadness. The memories will keep me alive. Goodbye!
  • I’ve learnt a lot working with this company. I’m grateful to everyone who helped me to grow. Goodbye!
  • It was a fantastic journey with all of you. Best of luck, everyone. Goodbye and stay in touch.
  • I’m excited about my new job, but leaving this company is breaking my heart. Goodbye, everyone!
  • I’m lucky that I’ve got an opportunity to work with you. Goodbye, my mates.
  • Dear colleagues, working with you was a great gratification and I’m going to miss you so much. Goodbye and know my best wishes for all of you.

Retirement Wishes for Teacher

Here are some more retirement wishes quotes for teacher you can share with them.

  • Thank you for your wisdom and patience! Wishing you a peaceful life after retirement!
  • Best wishes on your retirement, teacher! You and your lessons will be greatly missed!
  • You may retire, but your teachings will forever be engraved in our lives. Good luck, Sir!
  • Thank you for everything you did for us! Thank you for your endless patience, motivation, and persistence which helped us become better people. Happy retirement!
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  • We thoroughly appreciate the effort you’ve put into this profession. Thank you for everything!
  • You will forever be an inspiring figure in the hearts of many. Thank you for your service!
Thank you and Goodbye Quotes
Thank you and Goodbye Quotes
  • A teacher like you is a blessing for many struggling students. Dear Sir/Madam, thank you for always being patient with us. May you have a blissful life ahead!
  • Dear Sir/Mam, your lessons didn’t only help us pass classes, but taught us to be kind and humane in our personal lives. We wish you a happy retirement!
  • Your teachings have made a big difference in our lives! Best wishes to our favorite mentor!
  • It has been an honor to learn so much from an incredible teacher like you! You will be missed!

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  • Wishing you wonderful days after retirement! Your influence on our lives can never die down!
  • We owe you for your incredible patience and kindness towards us! Thank you, teacher!
  • Your teachings will forever be treasured. Your contribution to our lives can never be measured. Happy retirement.

Quotes on Good Bye for Husband

When it’s time to say good bye to your husband use these quotes and messages.

  • I am so proud of you, my hardworking husband. Goodbye, and have a safe journey.
  • It hurts to see you leave. But alas! I have to live by your memories until you back. Goodbye, honey.
  • When I say goodbye, I actually mean don’t go. I don’t want to see you go. Please, Come back soon.
  • Goodbye sweetheart. The home will not be home unless my dear husband is back knocking at the door. Best wishes.
  • I will try, not to cry but my heart rejects to accept that you are going away. Make time to miss your lonely wifey. I love you, goodbye.
  • Saying goodbye is hard, but your love made me strong; goodbye, dearest. Be safe out there.
Quotes on Hard Goodbyes
Quotes on Hard Goodbyes
  • I know you are working for our betterment, but it is still hard to stay away from you. Goodbye, my dear husband. Be safe out there.
  • Goodbye my love, I am waiting here to see you soon. Keep remembering me throughout your busy day.
  • Come back soon to my loving husband because I cannot simply stay away from you. Goodbye for now.
  • Work is important but keep me in your heart even in your most important time. I am going to miss you a lot. Goodbye, my man.
  • Goodbye is a tiny word but cause big pain to say, especially to a dear husband like you. Come back soon.
  • Have a safe journey honey. I will wait here for you with all the kisses you give me. Goodbye babe.

Final Words

Goodbyes are the hardest parts of any relationship, but quotes on good bye can provide us comfort. These short quotes on good bye and poems for friends, family, or a loved one can help us let go of our sadness.


What are some good farewell sayings?

Here are some good farewell sayings:

1. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
2. “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.”
3. “Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”
4. “Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love.”
5. “The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.”

How do you say final goodbye?

There are many ways to say final goodbye. You can write a letter, you can take part in a funeral ceremony, you can even discuss about it endlessly with relatives and friends, but the common thing is that, you will be saying some good words for the person.

How do you say goodbye to someone special?

Saying goodbye to a friend or family member is, without doubt, one of the most challenging things we shall ever have to go through. When someone is dying, you realize it’s more precious than ever to say those nice words that you were rather reluctant when he was healthy.You can use above quotes to say goodbye.


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