Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends

Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends or friend of the groom and bride can be very different.

Are you looking for the best among the many ideas that will give your friends something to be happy about?

Here I provide you with some interesting wedding invitation quotes for friends to create a unique wedding invitation.


Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends

Friends, one of the most epic moments in your relationship is your wedding day.

The wedding part is something very special and people are eager to be a part of it.

  • Your presence at my wedding means a lot to all of us. Please let us have the honor to host you on this beautiful celebration of love and loyalty!
  • You are the most important person without whom this holy celebration is incomplete. We are looking forward to having your company on [date]
  • We are inviting you to be with us at our wedding on [date]. We have no doubt that the heavenly charm of your presence will intensify the joy of the celebration.
  • Before we start our journey of a new life, we want to make sure that your blessings are always with us. Please come join us at our wedding!
Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends
Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends
  • You have always been the perfect guardian for us. Your presence is more than expected during this holy occasion of our lives.
  • Hand in hand, we take our wedding vows on the [date: month] at [place]. You’re earnestly requested to bless our marriage with your presence.
  • Never thought we’d be together like this. Bless our holy union with your presence so that our journey may turn out to be nothing but bliss.

We couldn’t be happier to have a chance to author a new chapter in the book of our lives. You are kindly requested to participate in this celebration and to share our joy.

  • We are proud to announce the good news of our marriage. Please grace us with your presence at [place], [date and time]
  • God has been kind to have given us the opportunity to strengthen our love through the sacred ritual of marriage. You are kindly requested to attend our wedding ceremony to make it a huge success. at [place]. [date + time]
  • We found a love that lasts a lifetime and now we promise each other to stay loyal for life. Come join us at our wedding ceremony. No presents. Blessings only.

Wedding Invitation Quotes In English for Friends

The wedding invitation of your best friend deserves to be met with an equally sparkling and witty wedding invitation. Read these Wedding Invitation Quotes In English for Friends.

  • With a large smile on my face, I want to let you know that my wedding ceremony will be held on [date and time ] at [place]. Be sure to be present with you and your family.
  • As my favorite friend of all time, your participation in my wedding ceremony is a must.
  • To all our lovely friends, we bring glad tidings. Grace us with your presence at our marriage ceremony.
  • Our marriage marks the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. Only with the participation of our beloved friends would this event become complete. Don’t miss out on mouth-watering dishes and couple of dances.
  • Friends always have a special place in our hearts. Our marriage ceremony would be quite incomplete without them.
  • Dear bestie, can you believe it? I’m actually getting married to the love of my life. Be sure to be present!
Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends
Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends
  • My favorite man/friend, you are highly encouraged to attend my wholesome marriage. Can’t wait to introduce you to my spouse.
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  • Friend knows that I love you a lot. Thank you for always being there for me. On the [date] of [month], my wedding is being held. You’re requested to attend the ceremony.
  • My friend, I discovered my soul-mate recently. I’m getting married to him/her. He’s/She’s kind of perfect. Be sure to attend the wedding to know more about him/her.

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  • Your supports and suggestions have helped us a lot to plan for a wonderful wedding ceremony. Now its finally time for you to make us feel blessed with your presence.

Wedding Invitation Quotes

Sometimes, though it is challenging to be creative so that you can come up with the best wedding invitation wording for friends. Use these Wedding Invitation Quotes and do creative for your wedding.

  • The joy of this wedding is incomplete without your presence in it. You have shared in our lives with your friendship. Let’s share the joy together.
  • You are cordially invited to the beautiful ceremony of my wedding taking place on [date]. Let us be blessed with your presence.
  • We invite you to share the joy with us as the wedding of [name] and [name] takes place on [date] at [place]. We expect you together with your family!
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  • We expect your blessing more than anything on our wedding day. Let us give all enjoy with your sweet presence.
Wedding Invitation Quotes
Wedding Invitation Quotes
  • On [date] , my ) matrimonial ceremony will be taking place. I hope to be blessed with your presence on the joyous occasion.
  • Our wedding would be quite incomplete without your participation. We hope to see you at [avenue] on [date+time]
  • I am proud to announce that I am getting married. You are cordially invited to enjoy the festivities of this holy ceremony.
  • We rejoice on the occasion of our son’s marriage. Your presence will greatly bless this holy union.

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  • I will be exchanging wedding vows on [date]. You’re cordially requested to attend the joyous event.
  • It is with great jubilation that I announce the news of my marriage. Your presence at the wedding ceremony is highly requested.

Wedding Invitation Quotes From Parents

You could also read these wedding invitation with quotes From Parents so that your parents could also invite relatives.

  • We are excited to let you know that we have made all the arrangements to marry our daughter/son off with [ name] on [date]. You are cordially invited!
  • We are proudly announcing the wedding of our son/daughter with [name]. It will be an honor for us if you be there with your family!
  • We invite you to be with us as we celebrate the love and devotion of our children on [date] in a marriage ceremony. Your presence is most important to us!
  • You, as a part of our family and a guardian to our beloved children, are expected to be with us on the wedding ceremony taking place at [place] on [date].
Wedding Invitation Quotes From Parents
Wedding Invitation Quotes From Parents
  • We are so overwhelmed by happiness as we announce the wedding ceremony of our beloved daughter/son. We invite you to bless him/her for the new life.
  • We request you to bless us all with your presence on [date] as we gather to celebrate the holy bond of the marriage of our son/daughter!
  • Our eldest son, [name] is getting married to [name of groom]. You’re formally requested to be present at the wedding. No presents needed. Just blessings.
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  • Mr. [name] and Mrs. [name] is proud to announce the news of their daughter’s marriage. You’re requested to be present on the blessed occasion with your family.

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  • Mr. and Mrs. (name of groom’s parents) and Mr. and Mrs. (name of bride’s parents) request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their children (name of groom) and (name of bride) (date + month) (time) (Venue)
  • We are incredibly proud to announce that our child is getting married. Your honorable presence is requested to make this merry occasion a success.

Wedding Invitation Quotes By Parents

Let’s make your parents invite their with these awesome wedding invitation quotes by parents.

  • Joyfully, we announce the news of our daughter’s marriage to [name of the groom]. It is our hope that you shall be present on this auspicious occasion with you and your family.
  • As proud parents, we present to you the happy news of our child’s marriage to [groom/bride name]. Your participation in this festive occasion is fervently requested.
  • We bring to you glad tidings. Our beloved child will be starting a new chapter of their life. We request you to bless the young couple with your presence.
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  • It will be an honor for us to have you present at our wedding ceremony. We look forward to sharing joy together. You are cordially invited!
  • Our children are to enter a new phase of their life. We request the pleasure of your company on the festive occasion.
Wedding Invitation Quotes
Wedding Invitation Quotes
  • You have always been an integral part of our lives. Let us celebrate the relationship we share through this wedding ceremony! We invite you to join us with your family!
  • Let us unite once again as two loving souls of children creates an everlasting bond of marriage. Your presence will make this event more special!
  • We expect you to bless us during the holy wedding of love, devotion, and family. You are invited with all the members of your family.
  • Let us honor the most wonderful custom of marriage and share the happiness of our son/daughter as they take on the vows of marriage. You are cordially invited to join us.
  • We expect no less than your entire family to join us as we look forward to starting a new life together. Let us be blessed by the presence of you!

Final Words

So this is all about Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends, I hope you like these quotes. Do share these quotes with your friends at your marriage ceremony.

Thanks for the reading if you have any queries regarding us feel free to ask. You could also send us your valuable suggestion or opinions about our Quotes.

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What do you write on a wedding invite?

You know who will be invited, and you’ve designed a fabulous invitation card that reflects your personality. But, what do you write on the card? Don’t panic! There is a right way to add personal details such as your names and date of the wedding on your invitations. And also add how important his/her presence is there.

How do I invite friends to my wedding?

You could invite your friends on your wedding simply by sending them a beautiful invitation card. That would be more amazing rather than sending a WhatsApp invitation.
But if you have don’t option then you could use WhatsApp invitation as well.

How do I invite my wedding to WhatsApp?

Well, hire a video creator to make a superb wedding invitation video clip and send it to your friends. Or you could make a digital invitation wedding card as well.

How do you announce marriage quotes?

You could use social platforms to announce marriage quotes e.i. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on..

1. Marriage is like a garden. Years of care and cultivation bring forth the fruit of true love. – The O’Jays
2. Today I married my best friend and soulmate.
3. Falling in love with you has been the greatest adventure of my life. I can’t wait for all the adventures to come.
4. Glad it happened: the proposal, the ring, and now us. We just can’t stop screaming about it.