WhatsApp status with quotes

Whatsapp status with quotes

Whatsapp status with quotes, Now a days people become so fond of whatsapp, they very much love to use whatsapp to communicate with the people. And so this is the best platform to express their feelings via. Text or through their status. So friends here are some whatsapp status with quotes which you could use on your status and to express your feelings through words. Whatsapp status with quotes for those who like to share words through whatsApp.

Love WhatsApp status quotes:

Love is the best part of every ones life so lovers here are the best whatsapp status quotes for you, these quotes is about love a beautiful relationship so keep your relationship happy, read this love quotes and share with your loving one.

“Don’t be afraid of greatness! Some people are born great, some achieve greatness and some people have greatness.”
If you love and still you are suffering, then continue to love until the pain stops.
I do not love anything in the world as much as I do to you. Doesn’t it look strange?
It is a good thing to find love, but if you find true love without searching then it is the best.
Love everyone, but trust should be exercised only on some people and never harm anyone.
Whatsapp status  with quotes
Whatsapp status with quotes
Love is blind, that is why lovers see nothing else.
I started loving you when I saw you. You smiled because you knew it.
Whether you love me or hate me, both sides have my advantage. If you love me, then obviously I am in your heart. If you hate, I’m on your mind.
What is there in the name, if we call the rose flower by any other name then it is the same fragrance as its fragrance ..
“We love life because love is there. ”

Attitude WhatsApp status quotes:

Your attitude determines your personality so be the way you are and show your best attitude. We provide you some best attitude quotes for whatsapp status you could simply share these quotes with your friends to show your personality.

Every story has a King, And a story of every King !!
Someone has said it right,Those who do nothing,can do so much !!
I have a hobby # no reason to smile, And to burn people # from top to bottom !!
There is noise when i walk
If it happens, let me deal with the murder, I also know what our price is in the market.
Whatsapp status  with quotes
Everyone showed their status, now it’s their turn to see my status
Keep the tongue clean even if the clothes are dirty
What will scare me, i am born in the street of killers
The fun of winning only comes when everyone is waiting for you to lose…
The day we made our thinking big, sir, big people would start thinking about us…

Sad WhatsApp status quotes:

Your sad part is the thing which will know you who is with you for the life long, we better experience sadness in many respect but the worst part is breaking our love relationship we feel so much sadness, then we simply express our sadness through social media like facebook, instagram, whatsapp etc. There are some sad quotes for you read this and feel the pain.

There are many people who tell time,No one is going to work on time ..
If you are happy with my departure,So thank you for your happiness !!
If love was one-sided… then bear the separation too…It is a pain that he also had love…
Wipe the tears with your own hands If others ask, they will ask for its price.

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Someone asked me, how will your life live without him So I also pointed towards the bird in a cage.
* Don’t know which way to love her, ** That his heart does not even talk to me .. *
It is not easy to turn back “I wish” .. you would have understood this …… before I left!
Whatsapp status with quotes
I also tried locking the door,But sorrow still understand that I am at home !!
I am a toy, I am angry with his hands.
Forgetting is the way of the world,Why do you start with me?
I am cutting the pulse of my hand,Maybe you get out of your heart through blood….!
They have no time…..Wall, you talk to me.
“There is something in love” Otherwise no Taj Mahal is built for the corpse .. !!
I Remember you every day by thinking I will not miss you after today ..!
Someday he was crazy about my laughter, Today he don’t even ask me, am I alive or dead?

Missing WhatsApp status quotes:

When you love someone you miss that person so much, and now it’s time to know her/him that how much you miss that person , so pick up these quotes and explore your feelings to them.

What I also do awesome…I write one evening that I forgot you,Then I remember you whole night.
Those people change like time, who should be given more time.
Sometimes our status is not to get thousands like…It is also meant to teach someone 1 person.
Who has Love that does not need to die,Life itself will say goodbye!
Misses my heart so much Not being near you makes me cry a lot.
Listen you understand your memories.. Troubles me like a debtor.
I wish You could see me in the guard of the night How mercilessly your memory steals my sleep.
It’s so beautiful when someone say I miss you.
Whatsapp status  with quotes
I colored every pages with your memories.
I don’t Know what was there, what is missing from me,Memories are hurting and the heart is breaking inside.
Paths change in the way of age,Humans change in the storm of time,Think you should not miss this much but Intentions change as soon as you close your eyes.

Cool WhatsApp status quotes:

Always try to be super cool in life , life is so simple don’t make it complicated. Here are some super cool quotes that could increase your personality, so read these cool quotes and share in your whatsapp status to your friends.

My every expression is #Cute,Don’t understand me #Mute,You will be forced if you mess up Change your #Root .. !!
Even if you look #Cute like #Blue_eyes,But you are not #Beautiful until your #HERO is not me..!
My face is so cute, killer is my style, people become stop when I start smile.
Now-a-days air is also jealous of my Style,Who is screwing my Hair Style …
Whatsapp status  with quotes
I look so Cute, and I live Mute,Still people say, U Have so much Attitude ..!
Glass girls are very fast to read,And Cute in appearance too ..!
Girlfriend should be a Lioness,Otherwise Cute then Our Cat is also ..?
I do style for hobbies,Otherwise, for the time being My intoxicating eyes are enough ..!
If you have to live a life so cute, then you have to show a little Attitude..
Even if people are jealous from my style , I don’t have any fault in that ..!

So these are some best and unique whatsapp status with quotes, hope you all like these quotes. if you all really like these quotes then gives us a comment below in the comment section and let us know how do you like it and share with your friends ,be cool be happy, thank you.

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